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Book Reviews

The following are reviews, comments, and feedback from readers of my book UNBREAKABLE. 

I am honoured and humbled to have had such amzing feedback on my first book. This has motivate me to begin the process for my second book. 

To those who bought my book and provided me with your feedback, thank you so very much. 


Tracy Pratt (Canucks Alumni) 

"I read your book on my flight to Hawaii. I am not a book reader, but i found that i could not stop wanting to turn the next page.

Jerome, a terrific read!  You certainly kept me turning the pages.  I don't know if it was Andre going for the wheelchair or if it was when you looked into the 14 year olds eyes....  I can tell you, I read them both with a heavy heart. !!! It's too bad you didn't write the 14th chapter,  I would have titled it "Sad but Sensational" 

Keep your quest going & fly your own flag with pride.

You Jerome, defiantly are "unbreakable"




"I cried , I laughed, I was inspired. What an incredible journey." 




Melissa, Grade 10 Student.

"I finished your book in less than a day. 
All I can say is wow. It was just so inspiring and incredible to see a generally bad circumstance turned into an amazing life, and career. It's brilliant how you have turned your life around after all you went through and gave it all back to us, the kids. I'm not going through anything addiction wise, but I am going through other things and I just feel so inspired to take my experiences and give them back, like you have, and help others. You are an amazing person, and I hope more people get to read this great book and see what can be made of life, even after going through a lot." 



Jackson Wittup

"WOW!!! ... just WOW."



Keith Dicks,

"I don't read books much and i have never read a book completley, until I got UNBREAKABLE. It changes my life. Much of Jerome's words and philosophies resonated with me so deeply, I could not put the book down. I have recommended it to everyone i know. It is a must read."



Bill Dick, Owner of Phoenix Truck & Crane.

"Before reading Unbreakable I've seen Jerome around and knew he ran ACCESS Youth Outreach Services but didn't know his story! Jerome has taken responsibility for his behavior as a youth and devoted his life to helping other youth in need! Unbreakable should be read by everyone to see how you can turn adversity to encouragement and success!" 



Rob Guzyk, Teacher Pitt Meadows Secondary:

"An honest book by an honest man trying to make an honest difference in the lives of at-risk youth" 



Laurie Davis: 

"I finished, I never realized what an amazing person you are, you have done more in your life in a wheelchair than anyone I have ever known, the book itself was a great read it was hard for me to stop reading it and go to bed, I can see how you have helped so many, your words sure help me. "