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Chapter 1

I wish to share a peek into my first book,




Below is a quote written by my dear friend Ted Kuntz, the forward written by my friend Brock Tully, along with the introduction and first chapter. 

Enjoy ...


“In my experience it is rare and truly inspirational when someone takes a crisis and uses it as the fuel 

to create a personal transformation. Jerome Bouvier uses his life-changing event to change others’ lives too.

Many a youth has changed the direction of their life from moments spent with this man whose spirit and

desire could not be broken.”

-Ted Kuntz, Author: Peace Begins With Me.





"...many of us come from a past where we have been deeply 'wounded' or had serious trauma that has affected our lives.

...many of us have chosen, often unconsciously, to numb or avoid looking at ourselves for our own personal reasons - maybe even because we don't feel good about ourselves, or we feel shame around who 'we think we are.' Jerome lived (existed) like this for a while.

...many others have chosen that their past challenges can be an important teacher for learning and discovering who, i believe, 'we really are'...healthy, loving 'beings'.

...and then there are those few—Jerome is an inspiring example—who 'come out of themselves' and reach out to others by being of service, creating community, and making a HUGE difference on this planet. is very exciting, now, that Jerome's courageous & profound journey can reach people all over the world through this truly inspiring, heartwarming, and lifechanging book."


takes a lot of 'heart' work!

...always follow your heart,

Brock Tully (Author, Performer, Speaker)




If you are familiar with me and with my journey, then you know that my purpose in writing this book is to inspire and encourage you to realize your own unique self and full potential.

Welcome to the story of my journey through what some would consider a daunting expedition. Although this book focuses primarily on my own journey, it is interwoven with the lives of many others. I sincerely hope this story will serve as an inspiration to all individuals facing adversity and instill a strong sense of hope, which helps them to face and overcome their challenges.

We all have challenges in our lives—mine is not better or worse. It just happened to be different and at some point pretty extreme. My fascination is: how do we as individuals respond to these challenges? What do we draw on to help us face our challenges and overcome them? What keeps us going?

I believe we all have the capacity to overcome our challenges. However, sometimes we just don't reach down and step into our power. We don't trust in ourselves enough. I want people to wake up each morning and say, "OK— I can do this". I want them to get the big AH HA! — namely, that while we don't have much control over what happens to us in life, we do have the ability to control how we respond to what happens to us. We have a choice! The question is, how do we 'choose' to respond to life? This book is about the reality of sitting in a hospital for five months after your life has changed in an instant and you have to wrestle with 'What now?'

It is also a book that speaks to anyone with an interest in a deeper understanding of the drug culture—the allure and the destruction, and strategies to overcome such a life. My intention is also to inspire those who are struggling with drug use to never abandon hope. You are the hero you have been waiting for.

Above all, this is a book for those who love a story of trials and triumphs, of courage and hope, of love and of great friendships. It is a powerful journey of self-discovery, and a realization that the power of the Human Spirit is truly unbreakable.

UNBREAKABLE speaks to all those seeking a deeper understanding of how powerful we truly are when we are confronted with adversities that test our character. My hope is that this book reveals how I was able to find the source of life in order to face and overcome my challenges.

Thank you for choosing to read it.
- Jerome 




A Life Changed Forever

Life can change in an instant. Little did I know that my 'instant' would be coming sooner then expected.

It was a warm July evening in Sacramento. A group of friends and I were at the local river partying and enjoying the summer evening as young invincible twenty-year-olds would do. We had plenty of alcohol and other drugs. I'd brought along my own best friend, cocaine. Pretty soon Ihad downed a six pack, snorted a few lines of cocaine anddropped acid. I was on a roll. As the evening wore on, we did more and more drugs.

After quite a bit of partying I headed back to my carwith the intention to pick up a friend so he could join us.

Just then a group of guys I knew arrived in a yellow speedboat. They yelled out, "Anyone wanna go skiing?"

Of course I had to take them up on their offer.

Back down to the shore I went, put on the skis and a life vest. Then, grabbing the rope, I yelled, "Hit it!"

Up I went, losing my balance as well as one ski, but decided to keep going... plowing through the water until I was flying behind the boat.

Up and down the river I went, stylin', strutting my stuff, waving as I flew by groups of girls. A couple of times I fell, but got right back up again. Thanks to my diet of alcohol, acid and cocaine, all I could think of was that I was having fun. Heck, I was so out of it, I probably would have waved at a tree because I thought it was waving back at me.

We were flying along when somewhere through the mists of euphoria, I recall getting a weird feeling — that little voice inside each of us that tells us something important is about to happen. I didn't pay any attention to it. I should have.

The boat went faster and faster. I found myself yelling, "Slow down!"

Then suddenly the boat turned left. I went straight. My ski caught, catapulting me out of my ski and sending me skipping across the water like a stone ... crashing into the rocks on the shore.

I could hear people yelling. A friend rushed to my aid and held my face up out of the water as I lay floating helplessly.

In that instant, my life was changed forever.





The long awaited book






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