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"First, in reflecting on my 30 years of professional experience in this field, I conclude that Jerome is among the most naturally gifted youth counselors and community program planners I have known. The list of superlatives that would describe his ability is lengthy. He is a true star in the children, youth, and family services field and is affectionately known as the “Youth Whisperer”. Second, Jerome has extensive experience in conducting workshops/presentations, developing youth programs, building on community capital, giving lectures, and demonstrating leadership with both professional and client groups. He has a proven ability bring community together, to impassion, to inspire, motivate and to educate." - Mark Goheen- Fraser Health


 Keynote Presentations

“You had the youth hanging on every word. I have never witnessed such a profound impact as I did that day at the youth leadership conference. The youth could not stop talking about you, the impact you made, the song you sang, the way you engaged them and shared the stage. You are truly the youth whisperer.” - Carly, Coordinator, Youth Leadership Conference, San Diego CA.

"It is rare that I have attended a conference and the Keynote speaker totally captivated me, made sense, and inspired. You have a unique gift of engaging people and through sharing your amazing experiences, adventures, strategies for life, and spirit you have made us all think about how we CHOOSE to live in today's world. For me I am inspired to look forward to the next day and to go after my dreams. Thank you for being here. - Randy - Conference - Fairbanks Alaska, California


"I was deeply touched by your keynote speech at our Summit Middle School's Wellness conference this past Friday. I am a teacher at the school and just wanted to let you know how truly powerful and motivational your speech was for the students both in my class and at the school (not to mention myself). You are an exceptional person and your connection with children was clearly seen and felt throughout the day. Keep it up and never stop! The children need you."  - Teacher, Claudia Durand



"jerome, your keynote at the BC Parks and Rec conference was amazing. I have heard about you and your work, but your words an dhow you delivered them inspired me. I hope one day to work for you. You motivated me to really look at how i do my work, an dhow i engage with youth. Thank you for being a mentor for many o fus and a pioneer in this field." Jason, Youth Worker.

School Presentations

Jerome Bouvier appreciates that our youth have tremendous insight and lively stories they are enthusiastic to share. Youth, yearn to be seen and heard.  Jerome builds space, for youth to ask questions and reflect. He uses storytelling, rather than listing rules and regulations. He aims for the source of destructive behavior; eternal flaws of the human condition. Jerome allows students to lick their wounds and provides them with absolute acceptance. It is naive to underestimate the power of feeling connected and participating in something greater than yourself.

-Lindsey Meyer, MSc Teacher at SRT



 "I was there in the gym at Samuel Robertson Technical for the presentation where Jerome captivated 200 grade 10 students (not an easy thing to do!). It was AMAZING! There was so much energy and emotion in the room it was breathtaking!" Paul MacDonald



"I really enjoyed yout talk. As teens we do not understand, because frankly we going to raves, parties, and making poor decisions, we feel immune to the crap we are involved in. I made many poor choices. I was blinded by beauty, love, health and yet i sufered. But, after your talk, i wanted you to know you opened my eyes and mind. I just wanted you to understand that I very much so admire you and your work, your drive to help others. Thank you for coming to my class." - Grade 10 planning student


"You changed the way i view the world. You were real, straight up, you understood what we as teens face. Words cannot describe how much of a difference your talk had on my life. Thank you for coming into our class. - Kevin, Gd. 10 student. Terry Fox Sr


Jerome is one of the most caring individuals I have ever met or had the pleasure of working with; especially when it comes to today's YOUTH! His classroom visits are inspiring, informative and real.  He offers advice in a safe and understanding way.  He understands the pressures and stress our young people face today and he offers HOPE! He is an excellent class contributor and presenter.  A must for every Planning class and Healthy living forum.

-Caroline Davidson, Terry Fox Secondary Planning Dept.


 The students I spoke with after the presentation were so enthusiastic and really learned a lot from you.  One of the comments was “he had a good sense of humour and was funny and his story was inspirational” another was “ I really liked him and will send him an email right away to let him know how much I enjoyed it”. - Maria, Youth Worker- SD43


 “Rare is the occurrence when someone presents me with alternative ways of thinking rather than forcing their views down my throat. Because of this, I don’t have to defend my vies and could spend time thinking about what you had said. I believe you’ve had a positive influence in my life – Thank You.” - Sasha, Grade 11, Port Moody Sr.


 "Jerome, you are living proof that miracles do happen, you are blessing to this earth. You have the courage to tell your story so that youth know there is hope. You have inspired us to look inside our hearts, and to not look at what others have done, but what they will do. You taught us courage and inspired us to have it!. Jerome you came and told a story, you made us understand that we can take our own lives into our own hands. I'm thankful for you showing us a new way of thinking about life." - Katrina, Alta, Amanda, from Sac Town Independent Living Program


"Remember the first day you challenged me to quit pot for a week. Well. I thought I should tell you it has been a month, cold turkey without a hoot. Thank you for the challenge. You made a difference in my life.”

- Ben, Grade 11, Terry Fox SR.


 Professional Workshops

“Your organizational development day was amazing. I feel rejuvenated and inspired to continue working towards change and transformation in our agency. My team was beaming with positive energy about what they gained from your facilitation and how they plan to take active steps in being part of change and transformation in our team and agency. They had many creative ideas on how to improve services as well as taking the time to honour the hard work we do.” - Cecilia Codoceo, BSW, RSW Program Supervisor- Abbotsford Community Services

 "I can't express enough to you how your presentation benefited myself and my family. I came away from that evening so very thankful for the new knowledge that I gained and better equipped to answer questions that my children had. Since that evening, my daughter and I have had many conversations about drugs, not just the street drugs, but tobacco and alcohol as well. Thank you for a great presentation". - Kathy Ward - Parent and Pitt Meadow School Trustee

 “I would like to express my thanks for a very clear and informative presentation on teens, drugs, and alcohol. I was impressed with your ability to connect to your audience, and with the depth of your knowledge in this area.” - Dennis Dickson, Principal Pitt Meadows Secondary

 Master of Ceremonies

“I was amazed at what a powerful impact you had at the conference as the Master of Ceremonies. The feed back from people was so positive and they loved you. The evaluations spoke to your having just an amazing way of engaging people and your facilitation. You are really valuable and such an inspiration to people. Your are an inspiration to me.”

- Pat Slatten, Options for Future Career Success Conference - Vancouver School Board


“Your leadership and insight was a huge asset to our group. We were able to create one of the most successful youth conferences we have ever had. It turned out to be a very successful day and your inspiration and motivation truly lifted the youth organizing committee’s spirit and commitment. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.”

- Maple Ridge DSC Conference.


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