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School Presentations - Grades 7-12


Jerome has addressed schools throughout North America. Thousands of high school students and educators from all walks oflife have absorbed Jerome’s elevating message about personal power, strength, and the ability to contribute positively to community and society. In all Jerome's school presentations he weaves in the importance of focusing on looking what going on around us, the role we play, thinking about positive actions and personal responsibility, and choosing to take action. His presentations can be tailored to your theme with advance notice. The bottom line is that he committees to providing your students and staff one of the best presentations of the year.

Whether speaking to troubled youth or student leaders, Jerome puts his heart and soul into his audience leaving them with a message they will never forget. Jerome is affectionately referred to as the “Youth Whisperer” for his ability to connect with youth. He also has a unique ability to connect with adult in the same way.

When you bring Jerome to your school for your presentation, you will hear how he overcame obstacles while finding humor in even his darkest moments. He will make a connection with your students that is real and heartfelt. Jerome speaks their language and students sense immediately that he “has been there done that”.

Jerome’s message will leave a lasting impression that inspires thought, self-reflection, and change.

For a change, and a different style of speaker, contact Jerome.


IT'S OK 2 B U - Believing in yourself as a solution to bullying.

IT's OK 2 B U is a presentation for high school or middle students addressing the importance of not being pressured or influenced into being someone you are not. To accept who you are, share the gift of who you are, and stand up to the issues of violence, racism, bullying, teasing, stereotypes, drug use that teens face each day.. It will create circumstances that will assist students in recognizing the power within themselves, the tools and strategies that they already have, to help them be the HERO'S and SHERO'S they are. Also how compassion, kindness and empathy will help reduce bullying and other negative actions.

Through this interactive, engaging and funning presentation, participants will learn they are not alone. That they don't have to dress a certain say; talk a certain way; act a certain way to feel valued and accepted for who they are. To break down the walls of separation and create new levels of respect and communication with their peers, their teachers, their parents and themselves.

This presentation is an opportunity for students to see the possibility of how things can be if they are themselves around their peers, in their school and their community. The most important tool one can have, is the BELIEF that you can be who you are meant to be.

Participants will:

  • Create new levels of self awareness
  • Create a new level of self acceptance
  • Recognize that they are not alone
  • Develop a stronger sense of purpose and belonging
  • Recognize the power they have to make change
  • Learn tools to assist in drawing on their personal change
  • Identify strategies that have worked for them in facing the many pressures and influences
  • Come together to support each other and community
  • Realize they are all valued and celebrated


IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME: (Drug education / awareness)

Students will leave with knowledge of current Drug Factspresentation is best suited for two sessions, and can be condensed into one hour. However, to truly speak to the overwhelming and significant issue of drug use in our culture, and specifically with our youth, two sessions or more is best. It involves the sharing of Jerome's personal journey into the drug world and the realities of that world. It will involve a real and candid discussion that explores current drug trends, drug facts, and the lifestyle.

  • The Myths and Realities
  • Possible consequences of use/misuse
  • Strategies in keeping drug out of their lives
  • Communication tools to assist talking with friends & parents


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