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Jerome Bouvier offers unique, real life experiences that his audience can relate to. His history of drug abuse, facing a life changing accident that left him paralyzed and transitioning into success and strong leadership skills is unique and memorable, and leaves every audience member with something to reflect on. His captivating story is presented with passion, charisma and humor, and will inspire your audience to tackle their most ambitious personal and professional goals.


THE HERO'S JOURNEY: Overcoming Adversity and Adapting to Change

Through storytelling, Jerome invites, challenges, and encourages people to look at lifestyle choices and realize how quickly we can be robbed of possibility, hopes, dreams, and possibly our lives. This presentation focuses on some very important life skills, including goal setting, overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive attitude, as well as the importance of authoring a true story of self. Jerome believes “The most important tool for success, is the belief that you can succeed”, and that we are all Hero’s and Shero’s waiting to step out in the world. The power of the human spirit lies within ourselves. This presentation is powerful, riveting, and direct. With a combination of humor and passionate realism, Jerome shares with the audience his own story of personal struggles, and the journey of re-authoring the old story into the new story of triumphs.

In this presentation, Jerome shares the strategies that helped him discover the power within and overcome challenges, learn from them, and grow. He speaks to being one's personal best, which includes challenging yourself and believing in yourself. To do the best with what you have been given, recognizing the gifts that lie next to the wounds – or maybe the wounds are the gifts, welcoming change, having and setting goals, learning the ability to focus, and the power of the human spirit.


IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME: Drug Prevention & Education

Jerome has first-hand knowledge of the pain— emotional as well as physical—– that such a world leaves it its wake. This presentation focuses on some very important life skills, including goal setting, overcoming obstacles and maintaining a positive attitude, as well as the importance of authoring an honorable and true story of self. Jerome brings his story of drug abuse and the devastation it caused in his life, along with the lessons he learnt because of it. Jerome explores the tools and strategies needed to 'stand up' to the world of drugs.


THE DISCONNECTED GENERATION: The challenges youth face & strategies to support them.

With over 25 years of experience working with youth in various settings, Jerome brings his own experiences, perspectives and strategies forward regarding how youth have become so disconnected. He speaks to the top three challenges he believes youth face; 1. Navigating Relationships (lonliness), 2. Stress (A maze of choices and challenges), 3. Sexuality (Navigating the mass access to online media and peer influences). Jerome has won numerous awards for his innovative youth program development, and has been given the warm lable as "the Youth Whisperer" for his ability to understand, connect, and engage youth from all areas of life. 


FACING LOSS: IT's Not What Happens To You It's How You Respond to what happens.

Jerome shares his personal story of loss, injured in a water-skiing accident a nd left paralyzed. He also refelcts on the recent loss of his mother, who caourageously battled cacner. Through his inspiring style of speaking, Jerome shares the tools and strategies he used to help recognize the gifts that have guided him over the last 28 years. He learnt that it's not what happens to you it's how you react to what's happens to you. Jerome shares his truths, tragedies, and triumphs. He will speak to the importance of focusing on the 'Gifts" that reside next to the wounds, and using those gifts in moving forward. “The day I was injured was the best day of my life.” - Jerome

Jerome also shares the journey he endured while facing the loss of his mother.

The more significant the loss, the more intense the grief. When something is taken away from you, our natural response is grief… and that’s OK. Loss comes in many forms including, a physical trauma, loss of a job, loss of a friend or family member, a break up, a loss of a dream. Everyone grieves differently and the process takes time.


EACH Keynote can be adapted to fit your event. 

A Keynote can be created to fit your needs and theme.


6 Reasons to book Jerome:

1. Unique: Jerome's experience and message are truly unique and memorable. He is no ordinary speaker - with a history of drug abuse, being paralyzed at 23 years old, against all odds turning it into success.

2. Real Content: solid business principles that can be applied immediately to your business challenges, with remarkable results.

3. Inspiring – Jerome’s captivating story will stir your audience to tackle their most ambitious personal and professional goals.

4. Measurable Results – Jerome's programs include strategies to successfully assist you in tracking the impact on your organization and/or audience.

5. Active Experience – receive insight and guidance from someone who has been in the trenches, developed and implimented award winning programs. Jerome is not only a speaker he is an active Executive Director and contract Faculty with Douglas College and has created successful programs and impacted the lives of thousands of youth and professionals.

6. Lifetime Impression: Jerome's stirring and inspiring message will stay with participants long after your event has ended. 60 Minutes with Jerome leaves a lifetime impression.



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