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Presentations & Workshops

Length of Workshops & Seminars are 1 1/2 hrs on average and can be expanded and adapted.


K-12 PO-D For Teachers


1. Building Positive Realtionships - Starts with You

A very popular and well recieved workshop. 

This workshop will explore various tools and strategies so teachers and students can better develop positive reltionships and foster a stronger learning environment. It begins with you. 

What can get in the way of relationship building? 

How do we better engaged?

What are some ways that we can create positive relationships?

Participants will learn valuable ingredients;

  • Showing empathy and compassion for students
  • Being a safe person for students
  • Knowing students as individuals
  • Informal conversations (get to know them)
  • Setting high learning and behavioral expectations for every student


2. STREET TRENDS: From the street to the classroom. 

A very popular presentation with School District PRO D days and students graduating from the teaching program. Most youth issues begin on the street, not in the schools. Unfortunatley, youht bring their challenges, experiences, and behaviours to the schools. Thsi workshop will share insight into current street trends among youth, what they are involved in, whats attacts them to the street. It will also explore ways in which teachers can engage, ways to keep them in school, and ways to empower students to contribute to their own learning.

Particpants wil learn;

  • What's going on out on the street
  • Barriers Youth face
  • What youth want
  • Strategies & Tools to engage, asses and respond



Jerome has developed and implimented some of the most innovative youth programs over his 25 years in the field. Today's youth face multiple barriers. Some environmental, and other systemic. The challenge facing service providers, is "how do we effectively connect with, engage and support the hard-to-reach youth of today?"

Jerome is the driving force behind one of the most unique, award-winning and highly successful multi-service mobile drop-in centre and outreach programs in Canada, Project Reach Out. Through this model, Jerome will share the vision, philosophy, strategies, tools and influence behind the program.

Participants will learn how the program;

  • “Reaches out” to youth by bringing supports and services to street involved youth
  • Builds connections with youth and deepens relationships before providing intervention and prevention services
  • Assesses risk and evaluates youth assets and resilience
  • Engages community resources and provides individual case management and follow up.


DISABILITY AWARENESS: (Jerome has consulted on access issues with hotels and other businesses)

Jerome share his personal story and experiences as a person with a disability (unique ability). He has lived as a paraplegic since he was 23 years old. From his wheelchair, Jerome has raced horses, scuba dived, plays professional tennis, and has worked professionally for over 25 years as a youth consellor, program developer, Executive Director and Contract Faculty. Experiencing discrimination, alientation, physical and societal barriers, Jerome invites you into a world of resilience, courage, creativity, persistance, and success.

Participants will learn;

  • Personal insight into navigating the world from a wheelchair
  • The barriers still facing people with disabilities
  • How to become an allie
  • Strategies to assit in advocating for people with disabilities


WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE: Parent Series: Drug trends, facts & myths- Communication.

This presentation looks current drug trends, drug facts, myths and explores communication, understanding, and acceptance with the youth world. Interactive, this presentation encourages parents to work with each other as they learn how to help their children and themselves. Parents will leave with new strategies, feeling NOT alone and supported, and a stronger understanding of the world youth live in.

Participants will learn:

  • The current youth culture
  • Aligning with values and beliefs when developing expectations
  • Drug Trends & Facts
  • Communication: Setting expectations, guidelines and consequences.
  • Strategies for engaging youth in an inviting, practical and real way.

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