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I assume you are here seeking an innovative, inspiring and out-of-the-box speaker. Jerome is that person.

Jerome offers a number of Keynote presentations, workshops and Seminars that can be customized to meet your needs.

Through storytelling, Jerome challenges, encourages and inspires. Affectionately referred to as “The Youth Whisperer” for his ability to engage with youth, Jerome connects with youth in a way rarely witnessed. Also, rare is the occurrence when a person can transfer that passion and ability into the corporate environment, engaging, motivating and facilitating thought provoking moments and change.

With a combination of humour and passionate realism, he takes the audience on a journey of self-discovery and the opportunity to re-author their stories, to view the world through a different lens, or to explore personal and global change. Jerome has spoken to over 150,000 youth and adults sharing his story and insights.

To learn more about Jerome’s programs, click on the titles below. To read what others have to say about Jerome's workshops and seminars, click on the Testimonials link in the title bar. Also, check out the video page for more insight into Jerome’s incredible experiences and journey.


The following Keynotes, workshops and seminars can be adapted/combined to suit your school, organization and business needs.

Community Presentations:

  • YOUTH PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & ENGAGEMENT: Introduction to a unique, and award winning program that successfuly engages hard-to-reach youth.
  • DISABILITY AWARENESS: Inisght into the unique and challenging world of disabilities.
  • STREET TRENDS: From the street to the classroom. 
  • WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE: Drug Facts & Trends



  • A HERO'S JOURNEY: Overcoming Adversity and Adapting to Change.
  • IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME: Drug Prevention & Education
  • THE DISCONNECTED GENERATION: Challenges youth face & strategies to support them.
  • FACING LOSS: "The day of my accident was the best day of my life." 


Middle & High School Presentations:

IT'S OK 2 B U: Self-accetance, self-confidence, inspiration. With the issue of bullying being more dominant, students seek tools and strategies that will assist them in staying true to themselves. 

IT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME: Drug Trends, Myths, Facts, and Choices (Middle & High Schools). Many youth today feel they are invincible, they act recless, they are lacking knowledge of the power drugs do have, and the potential of robbing one of possiblitly, hope and even their lives. 


Pro D/Teachers:

  • STREET TRENDS: From the street to the classroom. A unique look into what youth face, some tools and strategies to assist teachers in understanidng, engaging and supporting their students.
  • POSITIVE RELATIONSHIP BUILDING- Begins with you. A presentation designed to explore various tools and strategies in creating circumstances to building relationships in the classroom that inspire and nurture positive learning.



Let Jerome inspire your next event:

Jerome is available as a Guest Speaker at Schools, Conferences, Pro 'D' Days, Parent Groups, Conventions, Businesses, Churches, Clubs, etc... please let him know if you have contacts... he has VERY inspiring presentations that touches the heart! PLEASE let him know if you have contacts in these areas! Together we can make a HUGE difference!

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