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I am excited to say that my first book launch for UNBREAKABLE, was a huge success.

A full house of friends and supporters made the evening a very special time. A huge shout out to all those who attended and purchased my book.

After many years of thinking about writing the book, talking about it, then slowly putting it together one story at a time, and with support of my family and special friends, I was humbled.

As I wrote the book, I often would find myself refelecting on the many experiences I had, the people in my life, and then, taking a deep breathe and asking my self, "how did I survive.?" It's amazing the capacity to overcome that lies within us rises up at times of adversity.



 book signinglaunch full view




A sneak peak,


Along with the book you will other goodies available including - Bookmarks, and two must have posters, Unbreakable & The Spirit.

The photo on the cover of the book was taken by my dear friend Bob Diskin of We were hanging out in Fort Bragg California at McKeriker Park (Seal Beach), and a Kodak moment appeared. :)

The photo on the cover of TROT Magazine was taken by my friend Paul Vanpeenen. He was asked by TROT to take a phot of me with my horse and send them out for a sptory they were doing on me. Well, another Kodak moment presented itself. 

Two amazing photos that were "in the moment" and "say so much."




the book


book double

238 pages. 6 x 9 inches. Soft cover.
(Two photo albums inside)

Autographed copies available on request.

Price:  $19.95 (plus Shipping and Handling - $5.00 within Canada)
(includes a custom bookmark)