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"Jerome Bouvier appreciates that our youth have tremendous insight and lively stories they are enthusiastic to share. Youth, yearn to be seen and heard.  Jerome builds space, for youth to ask questions and reflect. He uses storytelling, rather than listing rules and regulations. He aims for the source of destructive behavior; eternal flaws of the human condition. Jerome allows students to lick their wounds and provides them with absolute acceptance. It is naive to underestimate the power of feeling connected and participating in something greater than yourself".-Lindsey Meyer, MSc Teacher at SRT


“Sometimes adversity happens to us because we are destined to become a part of something much greater than ourselves. That’s the story of Jerome.” - Danny Quintana, Author


"It's not what happens to you, it's how you respond to what happens to you." The Power of the Human Spirit: That's the Journey, That's the voyage, That's the expedition.


2011 BC Courage To Come Back Award


Back to the track after 15 Years

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    - BANTING MIDDLE SCHOOL: April 13, 2017 - Drug Prevention




    • February 19th - PRO D SD43 - Oh Crap! Now what? Unlearning & Recreating Teaching Ciriculum & Styles
    • May 9&10 - Terry Fox Secondary- Drug Prevention (6 Planning 10 classes)
    • May 16&17 - Heritage Woods Secondary - Drug Prevention (12 Planning 10 classes)
    • October 1st - BCRPA "In Your Face" Youth Worker Conference Vancouver- KEYNOTE-Youth Engagement/Relationship Building &WORKSHOP
    • November 22-24: Terry Fox Sr. Drug Prevention


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  • Unbreakable


    "The greatest gift I have been given, has been my wheelchair."



    An incredible journey of determination, inspiration, and hope. The story of overcoming adversity, the tools and strategies he used, and the finding of his purpose in life. CLICK 'Read More' TO ORDER  Read More...